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    COG Strategy understands that you need a experienced partner to deliver a comprehensive Digital Strategy for your brand, marketing and digital business. We know you need an affordable solution, a digitally switched on and proven digital provider that will provide considered and rationalised solutions, and clarity on what the strategy solutions need to achieve. Plus, you’d like a forward thinking team to know that any technology and softwares built into the strategy are feasible, commercially viable and approved by client.

    We lead as a small business specialist strategy agency, providing sophisticated and innovative brand and marketing solutions. Our approach is human first, connecting brand to business.

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    Research. Insight. Planning. Execute.

    COG Strategy activates brands, helping business communicate better with their customers. We audit, research, discover insight, build strategy and demand results. 

    As a leading Sydney Strategy Agency our focus is to provide the premium in brand strategy and business strategy products, services and solutions within all sectors. Our experience tells us that initially, our clients need the right level of strategy for their business, which is a tailored approach built around our clients reality. Not all businesses are the same, nor is the ability for a business to onboard strategic directives. We know our clients are short on time, budget and resources – so our strategy solutions are simple and easy to understand.

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Strategy Case Studies

 Success For Australian Brand & Business

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    This document will introduce you to one of the COG Strategy Brand Audit projects as a simple case study.

  • COG_Strategy_PHM-Health-Brand-Strategy-Case-Study_1



    This document will introduce you to one of the COG Strategy Brand Strategy projects as a simple case study.

  • COG_Strategy_Shoreline-Communications-Strategy-Case-Study_1



    This document will introduce you to one of the COG Strategy Communications Strategy projects as a simple case study.

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  • Our Approach

    We’re The
    COG In Your
    Business Engine

    The way COG Branding is structured ensures we are providing brand, marketing and technology solutions for Australian small businesses that are underpinned by true value. Our approach is in large part due to the robust structure of our broader business model.

    It’s this that is most valuable to our clients.

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    Harness human emotion, channel it through technology and create mutually beneficial experiences between business, brand and customer. We approach this equation passionately and with vigour.

    Our client retention is naturally high, simply because we’re communicators, people first and will always put discussion before reaction. Predominantly we’re a service focused business with people at our centre. Our solutions are designed and delivered by people, using technology to obtain efficiency and operate optimally. We offer both packaged products and customised services – because not all of our clients’ businesses are the same.

    The support on offer from the COG Branding team is considerate to how much our client can actually handle, and in this our approach includes putting ourselves in our clients position to understand behaviours surrounding standard business operations and routines – we tailor our approach to our clients reality. Most importantly it’s in this exchange we understand there is a clear difference between working on the business and in the business.

    We own this conundrum for the benefit of the businesses and brands we serve.

  • COG Strategy’s Approach To Brand Marketing & Technology Solutions.

    This document introduces you to the COG Strategy Product Suite.

    We operate as a brand and marketing agency and lead as a small business technology consultancy. Our approach to delivering solutions is an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

    Simply meaning we’re a full service digital agency that combines products where possible to ensure our clients are the recipients of value in the exchange.

    By providing brand and marketing services in product form we know it helps our clients understand inclusions, fees, and expected outcomes. You’ll enjoy our approach!

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