Brand Audit for The Fiducian Group

COG Strategy was approached by Fiducian Group to perform a Brand Audit prior to a total company rebrand.


The Fiducian Brand Audit is a measure of a brands performance against key business objectives and evaluates industry presence. The COG Strategy Brand Audit would supply detailed insights that would support the rebranding projects including corporate identity, website and digital platforms, outdoor media and company division branding.


It’s the start of the Rebranding Process for Fiducian where our Sydney Strategy Agency seeks to increase the product’s perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand equity of this Australian finance business.

The discoveries made within the Fiducian brand auditing process delivers key research trend and insights which offered COG Strategy’s client a dashboard of current business and brand information. The Fiducian Brand Audit takeaway is an advised action task set that supports brand management, brand repair and brand re-positioning. The brand audit will support a brand and marketing strategy for Fiducian and assist in building brand equity, performance and longevity.


Brand Audit Snapshots


The Broader Brand Audit Process


This Brand Audit for Fiducian considered the current brand health and ability for the Sydney Finance Company to take its model to the market, deliver the portfolio, and communicate it’s proposition and value statements.

Delivery contained clear outcomes that justified a broader brand review, a customer segmentation via highlighted demographic, related products and services. The key focus was towards the digital environment with considerations to The Fiducian Group’s digital activities and business touch points. A Digital Strategy would be a key follow on activity.

All COG Strategy Brand Audits include a Company History and Background

Fiducian Group Limited (FID, formerly Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited) is an Australian financial services company. Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

A specialist financial services organisation listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2000. It provides financial services through key areas: funds management and investment services, wealth management and financial planning services, information technology solutions and accounting accountancy resourcing. The company operates primarily in Australia and India, offering clients a holistic service.

The Executive Summary our Sydney Strategy Agency includes while auditing a brand is a high level summation which offers a simplified view onto the purpose of this brand strategy activity.

The Fiducian Group as a business and as a brand is diversified across industries, platforms and customer touch-points. Recent growth via acquisitions has increased this diversification thus brand footprint and exposure of brand assets. The purpose of the brand audit is to analyze the successes and failures of brand and marketing activity to date.

For The Fiducian Group to be in a position to have a brand of strength supporting its business proposition, products and services – there is some work to be done on connecting the brand to the business.

Business Model


Competitor Analysis


COG Brand Strategists assess Brand Inventory closely with all Auditing as often the Corporate Identity and visual elements to a brand are what rises to the top. A logo while simple on its own is a complex entity rich in strategy thinking and rationalisation.

The company logo of a lion symbolises Strength, Character and Security – characteristics which sit well with the Integrity, Trust and Expertise associated with the meaning of the Fiducian name.


Larger Corporate Organisations are often structured with complex divisions and departments, all sitting under the one Brand. A Brand Architecture is key to brand management for a brand like Fiducian.

The Fiducian brand architecture reveals to the firm’s marketing team which brand names, logos, symbols, and so forth to apply to certain new and existing products. Often firms distinguish brand strategy by whether a firm is or should be employing an umbrella corporate or family brand for all its products, or a collection of individual brands all with different names. Brand architecture defines both brand boundaries and brand complexity.cog-strategy-agency-sydney-brand-architecture


Industry Analysis: The Fiducian Group is a financial services brand in the Australian financial services market. Due to it’s wide product mix The Fiducian Group is able to cater to a number of financial services markets. Financial Planning remains the core of the The Fiducian Group business via a national franchise model.

Because The Fiducian Group is established in a saturated market, the industry is considered to be in pure competition. Pure competition describes a high level of financial services within a single market. Due to the highly competitive nature, The Fiducian Group must stand out compared to its competitors via a suite of tangible branded elements, all of which should clearly represent the business model and product offer. The Fiducian Group’s brand does not clearly demonstrate the business model. A brand differentiation strategy is not immediately clear, thus the execution of brand strength and brand quality of The Fiducian Group brand is unrealised.

Mission and Vision: At Fiducian we believe that Integrity, Trust and Expertise are the cornerstones of our organisation, entrusted to build wealth for clients. Across the business, we ensure that everything we do encapsulates these qualities. Through these values we aim to build long term relationships based on mutual trust with clients.

Personality, Elements, Mantra: Integrity, Trust and Expertise are the cornerstones of The Fiducian Group organisation. The company logo of a lion symbolises Strength, Character and Security. While the philosophy of Integrity, Trust and Expertise resonates through the choice of icon (ie: the lion), this personality is not clearly delivered across brand and business touch-points.

Digital Assessment: The Fiducian Group has various websites, portals and social media channels present in varying capacities.


User Experience (UX): The site is not mobile responsive. The information architecture offers a simple yet outdated UX that is clumsy. Parent Pages outline an ambiguous service suite and child pages promote an information dump that would support a high bounce rate.

SEO: The structure of the website architecture and related on-page content is not in a capacity to allow a quality score for SERP’s to be delivered and negates a SEO Assessment.

Search: A broad search for “financial services organisations” does not deliver The Fiducian Group on the first 10 pages.

Company Portfolio: A considered nomenclature is present in the primary domain names though the broader portfolio architecture is not clear. Web design and platform technologies are fragmented offering a varied user and brand experience across the digital suite. Content per company website is inconsistent and there is no clear through-the-line correlation to the parent website branding and brand personality. Technological products and portals are not realised to their potential online.

Social Media: Social Media accounts are present for some franchise businesses and companies in the portfolio though there is fragmentation across all branded elements on these channels. The limited social channel residence negates a topdown Social Media Audit.

Online Advertising: There is a single representation of online advertising via Fiducian Financial Services and the Google Search text ads focused on “financial planning sydney’ keywords. There is a landing page in place for this campaign which suggests there may be analytics being captured. In summary the broader Fiducian Group digital situation is a poorly managed and structured environment.

Brand Awareness and Association Assessment: Levels of brand awareness of The Fiducian Group are low when the decision making process is having place. Predominately the financial advisors personal brand and profile overrides The Fiducian Group brand.

Brand Exploratory

Market Observation Focus and Positioning


Market Observation: Reviews


Brand Resonance

While the national financial planner footprint is high; the brand reach and exposure is not concurrent.

The Fiducian Group growth will continue to rely on immediate stakeholders (ie: financial advisors) performance and individual personal brand strength. Limiting the brand resonance to this business cycle, denying the broader business the benefits of brand power would be detrimental to longevity in the market of The Fiducian Group brand.

Brand Resonance Pyramid


Branding Dimensions

Scorecard Implementation Requirements: Take a Balanced Scorecard approach to brand measurement by selecting specific Objectives, Measures, Targets, and Initiatives.

The weighting scale below has been set for each category based on relevancy, live assets and current business / brand needs.

  • Brand Strategy 10%
  • Brand Alignment 20%
  • Brand Communication 50%
  • Brand Execution 20%
    TOTAL 100%

Brand Effectiveness Diamond


On conclusion of the Fiducian Brand Audit the Brand Execution Solutions Path is delivered.


This is a collective of brand and marketing activities that will all utilise the discoveries presented with the Fiducian Brand Audit. It connects all corporate identity, website, digital platforms, outdoor media and company division branding projects that followed the Fiducian Auditing process.

Brand Execution Solutions: Immediate solutions to address the current The Fiducian Group Brand Execution is as below.

  • It doesn’t matter who YOU think you are; it matters who THEY think you are.
  • Are your services outdated? Keep on top of trends and find out how to stay relevant to your audience. • Ensure a seamless customer experience regardless of how they access you services.
  • Make your clients feel they’re value not just by what you offer but by how you deliver it.
  • Confused people don’t buy. Simplify your processes to make it easy for people to find you and buy from you.
  • Your ultimate goal is brand loyalty. Give people a reason to stay with you for the long term.


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