Company Launch Strategy for Hydroflux

  1. COG-strategy-hydroflux-case-study-brand-6
  1. COG-strategy-hydroflux-case-study-brand-6
  • Brief

    Launch the Hydroflux group of companies into an industrial market. Hydrolfux Pty Ltd is the parent company to Hydroflux Industrial, Hydroflux Huber, Hydroflux Utilities, Hydroflux Technology and Cress Consulting Group. The Hydroflux Group operates in a number of sectors engaged in the supply of specialist services and products to the water, wastewater and sustainability market.

    The challenge was to launch simultaneously and ensure there’d be no need for brand or positioning updates within the first 3 years of business operation. The type of business
    was at this point new for COG Strategy, so there was a need for a rapid and through introduction to the business model and this industry.

    The strategy components would lay foundation for business and corporate communications across online and offline channels. The up front strategy would also guide and direct all creative and digital elements to the brand, and how it would work cohesively as a group of companies.

  • Solution

    COG Strategy held a series of workshops with the complete team, and also key senior management to understand the key business proposition and gather business intelligence prior to building any creative or digital assets. The workshops also enabled the Hydroflux team to be introduced to some new methods and terminology, and have a stake in how the brand would be built form the ground up.

    The workshops delivered key white paper takeaway which is still used today to autonomously manage certian elements of the brand. COG Strategy lead out with strong business, brand and marekting strategies to deliver throughout the company line, and onto COG Digital and COG Design for launch projects.

  • Result

    A parent company with 5 separate companies forming the broader group creates a huge amount of communication and ongoing strategy to manage. The solution was to enable the Hydroflux team hands on brand management though with strict protocol and handling instructions. With quarterly reviews and annual brand positioning workshops the team are responsible for honouring the original brand assets and marketing strategies set in place from launch date.

    Digital, print and outdoor marekting and communication strategies in place are all within the original brand strategy created by COG Strategy at company launch