Purati Product Naming and Launch Strategy


    COG Strategy is proud to deliver the Brand and Product Naming Strategy which also included the Product Launch Strategy for the Purati Oral Care and Cosmetics brand.

  • The Brief. 

    Our client approached COG Strategy with a brief to deliver the oral care and cosmetics brand Purati Product Naming and Launch Strategy.

    Purati is a herbal mouthwash product strategically created to be fundamentally Australian within the oral care and cosmetics FMCG category. A all natural mouthwash product sold through a dynamic eCommerce only supermarket network in Australia and overseas.

    The COG Strategy Naming Ideation service is for new brand development like Purati, that require a strategic effort in the discovery of a new product and brand name. Our service was suited to our client as they were not resourced to strategically review the market and create the most strategic (and available) name and brand on their own.

    Following the brand development COG Strategy was briefed by our client to create a launch Campaign Strategy that included a tactical critical path for a global eCommerce launch. Here we would need to identify the target market, demographics and geography per country and platform for this new oral care opportunity. 

    The COG Strategy Campaign Strategy was again relevant for our client as the business needed to connect with foreign and unknown markets though lacked the much needed strategic thinking to support their core ideas. 

  • The Client.

    A multi-national distribution company with a boastful FMCG portfolio, our client imports and exports Australian brands into eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and Taobao. 

  • The COG Strategy Solution.

    Discovered via an emotionally astute and considered approach to naming ideation.

    Supported by a tactical and strategic global eCommerce launch strategy.

    Developing an available brand name is not easy in our products category, which is heavily saturated. And to ensure the product name is engaging to an identified global market audience is also a challenge. With a careful audit, discovery and asset ownership process, the Naming Ideation was successful via the COG Strategy patented strategic process. The result was a brand name and creative from COG Design that used the product ingredients and brand origin to connect with the target audience.

    Launched via a suite of marketplace eCommerce Digital Marketing Campaign Strategies, the macro approach was to ensure the digital metrics (ROAS) delivered against the broader brief of brand awareness and eCommerce conversion.

    With our client demanding attention to detail, a strict adherence to the newly developed brand story needed to be delivered across numerous platforms that were not in English and far from the typical eCommerce platforms our Sydney Strategy Agency had encountered before. The Purati product launch was a new challenge for COG Strategy and the broader COG Branding Group, and we’d love to pour this knowledge into other great projects that require a similar skill set and approach.

  • The Results.

    A successful retail eCommerce launch into 3 countries, and immediate unexpected wholesale interest and subsequent orders from the cut-through of the launch campaigns.

    Brand recognition of a new product line in a difficult market and a solid creative direction still resonating and active through brand touchpoints today. 

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What Our Clients Say

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    Steve Cope – Director Knockout Pest Control

  • We have worked with COG Strategy for a few years now developing online marketing programs and running extensive Google Adwords management. Their strategies are on point resulting on year-on-year growth 3 years running.

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    Karly Foster – Business Development Boystown Dunlea Centre

  • We gave COG Strategy a big brief to rebrand our 80 year old not for profit business. And as a Sutherland Shire charity with not a lot of budget to spend, they nailed it. Strategic thinkers with sound processes in place. They have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share it enabling our team to become better skilled along the way.

COG Strategy is a Sydney Branding Agency.

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Our Brand Strategists and Marketeers are strategic in how they view your brand and its online communication. COG Strategy pursues commercial outcomes for our clients – we start with brand.

A brands marketing is how the core elements of the business is communicated to its targeted audience. Your brands customers are emotionally engaged at specific moments and stimulated by specific content that cuts through and makes an impact. The COG Strategy focus is to discover that initial ‘turn-on’ moment via real consumer
research and a strong insight.

COG Strategy provides commercial solutions for all types of brands. Our offer in directing strategy is well supported and considered and we ensure a professional and premium result.

Importantly our Sydney based team understands that all our clients brands are different, and that’s why the COG Strategy team love our job – continually thriving in the learning bubble that is branding.

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