Company Launch for Global Expansion

The Hydroflux Group is made up of established privately, owned Australian business dedicated to all aspects of water and wastewater treatment management systems.


They service Australia via offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the Pacific region via their Fijian office and Europe via our established UK business. Their extensive experience along with the product range and services they can offer to our customers covers all the requirements for design or provision of solutions, equipment and services within the industrial and municipal treatment sectors.

Their experience in the water and wastewater field is first class and sets an example for others to follow. They’re the business you can depend on.


  • Company Launch Brand Strategy
  • Company Workshops
  • Digital Strategy
  • Print Strategy
  • Outdoor Marketing & Communication Strategies

The brief

The directors of the start up approached COG Strategy with a brief to deliver the brand strategy and brand architecture for what is now the Hydroflux Group of Companies throughout the world.

Via their subsidiary companies, it was proposed that the Hydroflux business would provide design services, supply of equipment, operation contracts and engage in complete design and construct projects for virtually any business sector be it manufacturing, food processing, desalination, or municipal wastewater treatment.

COG Strategy were briefed directly by the Hydroflux Directors and engineers. A professional, unified, focussed and committed team of water industry professionals forging ahead in the environmental industry with a proposed product range and service that would be designed to be economic, efficient and environmentally considered.

Hydroflux wanted to launch confidently and be seen as a company that strives into the future putting innovative ideas and solutions into practise. Without a brand name, a clear vision on the creative direction or a brand architecture – the brief for COG Strategy was an awesome clean-slate opportunity to create a strategic foundation of assets that would support an aggressive launch and growth plan.

The COG Strategy Solution

A forward thinking approach to developing a solid foundation for a new brand, while creating an agile framework that would enable business growth and versatility in brand marketing and business communications over the long term.

COG Strategy held a series of workshops with the c-suite team, and also key senior management to understand the key business proposition and gather business intelligence prior to building any creative or digital assets. The workshops also enabled the Hydroflux team to be introduced to some new branding methods and terminology, and have a stake in how the brand would be built from the ground up.

The workshops delivered The Blueprint which is still used by Hydroflux today to autonomously manage certain elements of the brand. COG Strategy lead out with strong business, brand and marketing strategies to deliver throughout the company line, and onto COG Digital and COG Design for launch projects.

The parent company now includes a portfolio of separate companies to form the broader group which creates a huge amount of communication and ongoing strategy to manage. The solution was to enable the Hydroflux team hands on brand management though with strict protocol and handling instructions. With quarterly reviews and annual brand positioning workshops the team are responsible for honouring the original brand assets and marketing strategies set in place from launch date.

Digital, print and outdoor marketing and communication strategies in place are all within the original brand strategy created by COG Strategy at company launch.

The results

A suite of eight companies with independent brands and offices across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the UK.

A complete through-the-line considered brand architecture for products with IP classification and rapidly expanding product categories and services.

Water l Science l Technology

We know that the wastewater industry demands a high level of process and compliance. At Hydroflux®, we strive to provide our customers the most practical, efficient and commercially sound solutions that consistently perform.

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