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Our focus is to connect our clients businesses to their brands. Business Strategy comes first, then winning.

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Repositioning Strategy

COG Strategy is one of Sydney’s core business strategy agencies. We get to know your business, conduct thorough audits and deliver you an exceptional business strategy that will help your business achieve growth and success.

What Is Business Strategy?

In easy to understand terms, business strategy is a strategy that sets out a businesses desired goals and objectives. This plan typically covers a period of between 3-5 years.

In more technical terms, a business strategy focuses on major resource issues. It is the master plan that the management uses to secure a competitive market position, carry on its operations, satisfy customers and achieve the primary goals of the business.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Strategy?

At COG Strategy, our strategic branding agency delivers premium-branding strategies for small to medium size businesses through to large corporations. Our brand audits are clear and detailed. This means that we can deliver your business a completely tailored business strategy.

As a professional and well-established branding agency, we know that the key to strategy success is through clear and concise communication.

Business strategy is crucial to ensuring the success of your business as it:

  1. Establishes A Firm Sense Of Direction – A business strategy outlines the direction in which you want your company to travel. It plays a vital role in establishing realistic goals and objectives that are in line with the businesses vision and mission statements. The business strategy provides you with a concrete foundation from which your company can grow, analyse its success and set up the framework for efficient decision-making.
  2. Allows You To Be Proactive – All market leaders are proactive in their decision-making rather than reactive. If you’re attempting to increase your companies market share a business strategy will dramatically impact the way your company makes crucial decisions in regards to market trends, technological advancements, and unfavorable scenarios.
  3. Increases Market Share & Profitability – A successful business strategy will provide your company with valuable insights on market trends, customer segments, your products & services, market position and potential market opportunities. This information allows you to be more strategic in your sales and marketing efforts that in turn can help to increase your businesses bottom-line.
  4. Creates Longevity – The world is consistently changing. Depending on your industry the rate of the changes may be extremely rapid or a tad laggard. However, a business strategy will help you to plan for the future and ensure your companies survival.
  5. Fosters Creativity – A business strategy plays an important role in identifying unique selling propositions. USP’s are points of difference for your business that help to elevate your business above your competition. A business strategy will focus on making these USP’s the hero of your strategy to differentiate your brand, add value to your company and ultimately increase your bottom-line.

What types of Business Strategy do we offer?

All of our strategy experts are in-house in our Sydney branding agency. We do not offshore any of our strategy projects. Our strategy team will help you to develop a business strategy that is tailored to your company.

We offer a suite of business strategy services including:

What are the steps involved in Business Strategy?

At COG Strategy we have an easy step-by-step process that ensures the technical aspects of the brief are met.

The steps involved in business strategy include:

  1. Business Strategy Briefing
  2. Business Strategy Scope of Works
  3. Brand Audit & Business Research
  4. Key Insights – Brand Insights, Business Insights, Customer & Audience Insights, Product & Services Insights
  5. Strategy Implementation
  6. Strategy Management
  7. Aftercare
  8. Client Check-in & Strategy Realignment

 COG Strategy’s Approach To Business Strategy

At COG Strategy, the premium Branding Agency Sydney, our aim is to deliver clever, innovative and strategic branding. Our clients continue to work with us because of our full service approach, out of the box thinking and professional work ethic.

We are an established Sydney branding agency motivated to provide our clients advanced strategy solutions that make a commercial difference in their business performance and to their brand equity.

At COG Strategy our brand specialists listen, learn and develop our clients ideas into advanced and high quality brand strategies. Our team is unified in our methodology. This allows individual brilliance to shine and creative solutions to excel.

  • COG Strategy is a leading brand Agency based in Sydney. We are strategy and brand experts and help your business achieve success. Call today and brief us on your strategy or brand project (+61 2) 9523 6007