Campaign Strategy

We produce strategic nuggets of gold within our clients marketing campaigns… so everyone wins.

Trust The Small Business Campaign Strategy Experts.

Campaign Strategy

COG Strategy deliver our clients ideas, brand values and key business offers through short term strategic marketing campaigns. We ensure both business and audience are winners in the work we create.

Our approach to delivering campaign strategy marketing campaigns is to begin at the strategic planning phase. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients target market and audience. We then identify the unique selling proposition to develop tailored communication messages for the campaign. We know that by spending time upfront in the strategic phase ensures that the full service marketing plan we implement is most effective at targeting your next customers and the business. Everyone’s a winner!

Building excellent campaign experiences for our clients audience includes a compelling vision which will attract, delight and stimulate. This is one that is initially shared between COG and our clients, then reaffirmed by the targeted consumer, customer and/or audience in their responses and reactions.

COG Strategy are experts at the creation of marketing campaigns which launch products, promote services and raise awareness of brands. We’ve delivered campaigns for businesses across a broad range of industries and sectors, and our work is deployed in print advertising, outdoor media, out of home environments. We also have extensive online digital experience with marketing campaigns such as Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and other social media channels.

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