Promotional Strategy

We know you need a trusted strategy professional to launch your promotional product strategy.

Your strategy partner needs to be affordable, understand promotional product marketing, and know how to activate in market. Plus, you’d like your promo strategist to have a team that can design, deploy and manage your promotional product campaign.

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COG Strategy extend our services to our clients needing promotional strategy. Our clients find success in promoting their brands via our strategic promotional merchandise. We build excitement through integrating strategy into product promotion. Deliver the fun!

Our approach to promotional strategy includes both the promotion of our clients brand and the development and integration of promotional merchandise – you can visit COG Promo to check out the product range. COG Strategy is supported by COG Promotional Service, here a perfect synergy exists between strategy and product development. This business support ensures that our clients promotional campaigns are both strategic and a premium at the product level. When promotional products are used to support a broader marketing strategy it enhances and supports the development of brand recognition and brand recall, customer loyalty and brand exposure.

Promotional Strategy
We know that the key to promotion is to build excitement. Our strategic approach to promotional campaigns generates special interest in niche categories against specific brand and business objectives. We’re experts at presenting information to our clients audience and customers in innovative and creative formats, channeling that excitement into campaigns and promotional products.

COG Strategy assist our new and old clients connect their promotional projects with real strategy. We make sure before an order for 10,000 promotional drink bottles has had a user analysis and expected behaviours research done prior to the product order phase. We’ve seen too many clients come to us with a storeroom filled with failed promotional campaign.

For many of our clients their promotional campaigns are the main method for both communicating with their market and also to acquire and support new customers. We know this can be a costly and short lived tactic, so our strategy ensures the campaign delivers success.

There are many elements outside of promotional merchandise itself that is relevant to any promotional strategy. Key marketing periods are often relevant in the framework to a strategic framework such as Christmas, Easter and State/National Holidays, and our four seasons offer another opportunity to tighten any promotional campaign.

COG Strategy integrate all types of promotional techniques into campaigns such as the items below. There are many more and we develop all promotional items to brief. Visit COG Promo to learn more about product items.

COG Strategy are passionate about helping businesses succeed through awesome promotional activity from any industry and sector. We’re the strategy team behind the COG Branding Group and we bring energy into your campaign.