Research, Trend, Insight

Decisions that are made from something other than a guess are the best kind. Trust The Small Business Research & Insight Experts

COG Strategy is a Sydney based full service market research agency.

We utilise a blend of traditional and leading edge online methodologies to conduct research that gets to the core of our clients business issues.

In order to deliver powerful research, insights and tangible outcomes for our clients. We are focused on delivering great thinking in actionable plans. It’s what sets our clients apart from their competition.

COG Strategy is focused on delivering information for our clients and their businesses, brands and projects that is true, researched, accurate and useful. We know that many businesses and brands skimp on the ever important key insights of their audience and consumers. This is why our clients often leave their competition for dead – we ensure their marketing activity has come from astute decision making in the research and insight phases prior to any investment in campaigning and project execution.

The COG Strategy approach to researching, trend and insight involves asking questions, mining data, digital analytics, target audience research, market analysis, focus groups, interviews, workshops, market segmentation, concept and product testing, shopper research, product reviews, competitor activity analysis, in market activity audits. We assess, we think, we engage.


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