Market Research

We know you need a trusted strategy professional partner to dive deep for core research for your brand and business.

It needs to be affordable, logical, deliver key insights and meet the brief. Plus, you’d like a report that has an easy to understand takeaway that can be implemented by the business. COG Strategy is an experienced and trusted Sydney Brand Strategy agency. We offer a free briefing, start connecting your brand with business today.

Results come from insights, and these come from research. We’re passionate about identifying key insights and translating them into brand assets. We decode facts, explore stories and embark on unique journeys to discover new information.

COG Strategy develop strategies to achieve your bottom-line objectives, which are usually seen as additional sales and a growing market share. To achieve this there is a solid case for business to invest in market research to make sure the business understand the history, the now and a little forecast for the future.

COG Strategy offers a variety of brand and business solutions developed to solve our clients toughest challenges. We approach market research solutions to allow our clients to maximize their research budgets by only using data they actually need, and that can be utilised for marketing activity.

Information for our clients is not always readily available. At times a deeper or more niche set of data and research may be required. When this is the case we pursue custom research to meet the required information set.

COG Strategy provide market research services customised to our clients exact challenges. Our methods may include –



Desk research

Competition analysis

Combining various methods and processes


We understand that our clients require research though sometimes budgets can make investment tricky. Ideally, the COG Strategy answer to market research is only using the data set and research required, and ensuring this research will be relevant and be transferred right through the line of the business and brand activity. We work swiftly and with little complexity at handover. Our ability to deliver key insights included in the data, and then generate marketing strategy and brand strategy campaigns using this data is key.

Our offer is customized quantitative and qualitative online research services. Our research consists of –

Focus Groups

Telephone Interviews

Online Communities

We provide reports and presentations of our discoveries which are easily understood by our clients, and then used in marketing and communications projects.

For COG Strategy we know for our clients market research can’t just be about data collection and analysis. Our skill is in the matching of what sort of research and information will best benefit our clients brand and business. Then, the ensuring the most appropriate marketing solution can actually use the research data in it’s rationalisation of marketing tactics. This is all before we even begin.

Our main objective is to ensure our client’s particular situation, expectations and desired outcomes are met not only through their data requirements but on how it performs through the application in the business and its marketing.

COG Strategy delivers quality market research services that are accurate quantitative and qualitative surveys, using a methodical approach that ensures our clients are active throughout the project.

Our main objective is to assist our clients with their specific branding initiatives and deliver research and insights that simply work.


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