Campaign Launch Strategy

We know you need a proven strategy expert to launch your marketing campaign.

Your strategy partner needs to be affordable, know how to do public relationships in our modern age and understand digital campaigning. Plus, you’d like your campaign strategist to have a team that can create, deploy and manage your marketing campaign.

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COG Strategy deliver campaign launch strategy that offer a path to victory. Your campaign might be gold, so why launch it with a bronze strategy. We chase the gold!

Our aim for clients is to launch their campaigns like they’re the Stones strutt’n out at The Fillmore.

Our approach to campaign launch strategy takes our clients specific marketing activities that are designed to promote a product, service or business and add the all important strategic element. While our clients may already generate marketing campaigns via a coordinated series promotions across various mediums such as television, radio, print and online, many do not consider the upfront strategy which is integral to the success of any marketing campaign.

Campaign Launch Strategy
To assist our clients in getting a deeper understanding of how adding strategy to the launch phase of a marketing campaign, we first ensure our clients see the difference between a campaign and it being a sustained effort that is more comprehensive in detail, effort and expected return as opposed to the day-to-day business.

COG Strategy assist our new and old clients understand how their campaign launch should take place. We ensure the user analysis and expected behaviours, repossess and retains and understood and assessed prior to giving the green tick to any campaign.

For many of our clients their marketing campaigns are the main method for both communicating with their market and also to acquire and support new customers.

While great campaigns can follow an on trend theme which include awesome market stimulus. It’s a dog eat dog market and a campaign launched with little consideration to strategy can open itself up to not only fail, but not deliver important data and metrics that will assist the next campaign and it’s launch phase.

Our considerations to campaign launch strategies are summarised as below.

Ensure Relevance: If we are to tell a story, it better be focused on the now.
Identify The Cause: Deliver a purposeful pursuit, contribute to something positively.
Trend: Be on trend and try to own it, deliver a unique perspective that only a true loyalist would know.
Competition: Remain competitive and play host to the chance to win, compete, play, interact.
Statistics: Numbers and real data when delivered right are always good for engagement.
Collaborations: For real long lasting partnerships. Ambassadors can solidify any launch.

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