Guerrilla Marketing

We know you need a trusted professional strategy partner to develop a guerilla marketing strategy.

It needs to be affordable, outside the box, dynamic and make an impact. Plus, you’d like to ensure your guerilla marketing campaign to have the ability to be measured and prove ROI and capture data.

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While COG Strategy wish we could be entirely focused on guerrilla marketing, we know that we have more to offer.

Try guerrilla marketing & get weird, get wild, get whacky!

Guerrilla Marketing is simply a advertising strategy designed for business and brand to promote products and services in non-traditional methods and techniques. So for our clients which need us for some guerrilla warfare via some unconventional and disrupting behaviour (i.e.: The Art of War in the business sense) we jump in and throw extra resources at the project, it’s up our alley.
Guerrilla Marketing
Usually this is done with little budget and on the cheap. It’s a tactic where only true dynamism will do, and innovative thinking is almost not enough. To cut through and be successful in todays seen-it-all market, to grasp the attention of your audience in a more impactful way you basically have to sneak up from behind and make it memorable.

While many businesses and brands continue to hammer their marketing programs down the traditional routes, there needs to be some consideration to alternative methods to broaden the tactical abilities in communications. Increasing volume in email and junk mail channels won’t increase the result, or generate brand equity. Households and consumers of all channels are at times immune to traditional marketing tactics, and COG Strategy are always thinking of other ways cut though.

COG Strategy approach all our guerrilla marketing projects knowing our campaign will be executed via an unusual or unexpected marketing activity. What makes this a challenge is that it’ll probably be delivered within a common everyday location where the more traditional marketing activity is taking place.

What we’re experts at is following through with what guerrilla marketing is all about, and that’s running a campaign on a slim budget but delivering a big stage result.

While this sort of marketing activity is bold, there is still the fundamental use of strategy and some traditional methods in ensuring the key brand and business objectives are met. While the audience will see it as punk rock, our client will read our strategy as classical.

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