Repositioning Strategy

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COG Strategy offer our clients a rebranding service which extends across business repositioning, brand repositioning, product repositioning and service repositioning.

Evolve or die. Get to work on a new business repositioning strategy and survive.

Our brand strategists assists our clients by evolving their business in a strategic a considered manner. We understand that there is a fundamental difference between repositioning and rebranding. Rebranding is relatively easily explained by a change to the brand’s visual identity, and most likely include projects which will change the brand identity including brand name, icon and device, colour suite, type and font suite. 

Conventional brand repositioning methods evolve the brand away slowly from its current residence. Careful not to leave it’s customers and audience suddenly stranded. It’s a strategic process, can take a while and requires an intimate understanding of the client and customers. Though today there are sometimes valid reasons (or in some cases needs) to completely throw convention out the window and change brand positioning quickly.

Repositioning Strategy

These two options require two very different strategies and put a different sort of pressure on the client side. Our workshops will uncover the feasibility of a Rapid Repositioning or an Evolved Repositioning. The effects of repositioning can be both positive and negative, so it needs to be done right.

For our clients when they engage us to assist in the business repositioning process we always have the higher view to ensure the end result will serve their customers and audience more effectively than previously achieved. We also ensure this is a shared vision before we commence.

COG Strategy know it’s important that our clients understand intimately what their competitors are doing to be able to strategically manoeuvre the business and brand into a unique location of it’s own, and cut through to stand out from the competition. Sort of The Art Of War approach.

Part of our Repositioning Strategy is to workshop it with our clients via a Blueprint Workshop. Here we propose the brand as a well known public figure. If this figure rebrands themselves it’d involve physical changes such as a weight change, a hair cut, a new fashion choice and maybe some tattoos. Though if an individual is to reposition themselves it’d include a shift in values, opinions, personality type and general character and behavioural change.

For COG Strategy our skill is identifying when a business or brand requires a reposition or a rebrand. Visually changing the brand and business elements is a completely different task than the emotional and personality elements of a brand or business, and we know it’s imperative to ensure we figure this out up front.

The COG Strategy key skill is finding ways to reposition our clients businesses (from all different sectors) and brands by creating unique selling propositions (USP). For COG Strategy our repositioning strategy services follow a proven methodology.

1. Identification: Add through the line value and create an identity.
2. Personify: Humanise or characterise which adds a complete new value set and character proposition.
3. Generate A New Basic: Increase the value in basic differentiation by transforming the bsaic into something dynamic.
4. Change The Name: A new title and name will immediately give the audience an opportunity to define it how they like.
5. Reposition The Category: There is always room for one more category. Owning one is probably the best move.

COG Strategy are interested in helping businesses succeed from any industry and sector. We’re the strategy team behind the COG Branding Group. Our group offers a unique synergy of services run by professionals.