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Shoreline AWC

Shoreline AWC

Communications Strategy to communicate directly with customers, partners and staff

Shoreline is a global management consulting firm focused solely on the needs of the asset and wealth management industry.


With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Toronto they serve leading asset managers, asset owners, investment platforms, and superannuation and pension funds across the globe.

The Shoreline AWC singular focus on the asset and wealth management industry gives us a unique edge, enabling them to provide industry specific guidance and services that generate real value and tangible results.

What we did:

Goal Defining
Insight Discovery
Audience Research
Communications Strategy
Review of Strategy & Deliverables

The brief

Shoreline approached COG Strategy with a brief to review the businesses marketing and communications, including their digital assets and workflows.

The Shoreline AWC Communications Strategy was isolated as the initial first required project as COG Strategy determined that the fundamental issues in this instance pertained to fragmented marketing communications and disjointed service delivery across the organisation. The COG Strategy Communications work would align truth insights provided from within the senior management team against product and service delivery, and structure them in a framework that would allow autonomous mar. comms. for Shoreline to manage.

This would commence a broader marketing communications strategy for the Shoreline business.

The COG Strategy Solution

The COG Strategy approach to marketing communications for SME business is to initially take a high level snapshot audit of current brand and marketing. Most brands are made of many moving parts (no coincidence that a ‘cog’ in an engine may spring to mind here right), and the Shoreline AWC brand and business is no different to many others. 

Research: With our research and auditing process we make discoveries via working directly with the team and diving deep into the brand and marketing channels in which the business operates.

Insight: Within the research there is always golden nuggets of truth and actuals the form the core decision making and planning for future strategy works. With core insights we’re able to provide solutions that are appropriate, commercially viable and meet customer and market expectations.

Framework, Strategies, Planners: Our strategy work is delivered to ensure our clients can autonomously manage and drive the plan through the business without COG Strategy needing to implement every step of the way. Our work is value focused and we know we need to build intelligence client side.

The results

Shoreline AWC now manages their own communications strategy that is circulated within the business senior management and marketing team as a plan that ensures strategic communication takes place with their targeted audience. 

The Shoreline communication strategy helped the business to define the communication objectives, refine the audience and articulate the brand messages to clients, customers and team members.

The Communications Strategy includes a framework that clearly defines who Shoreline should be talking to, clarification on why the business is wanting to talk to them, how and when Shoreline will deploy marketing campaigns, and a rationale on media type and advertising budget.

The discoveries made within the Shoreline auditing process delivered key research and insight which offered COG Strategy’s client a dashboard of current business and brand information, and as per the initial brief was able to then be rolled into other projects such as digital marketing workflows and website technology upgrades.

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