Brand and Business Integration

We know you need a trusted professional partner to integrate your brand into your business.

You need an affordable supplier, a communicator and a proven performer. Plus, you’d like to ensure digital assets are connected to the business too. Trust The Small Business Brand Strategy Experts.

COG Strategy is a Sydney based strategy consultancy, busy connecting global businesses to their brands through Brand and Business Integration.

We often come across businesses where the C-Suite are super busy expertly running the business, though how it is integrated with the brand is poor. This is a relationship issue that unless fixed can cost the business money and deplete brand equity.

Sort of like working smarter not harder. We’ve all been here and heard that before. Our team are passionate about strengthening these links between business and brand, and implementing systems and strategies that make a real difference in how a company realises its brand equity. Our big vision for all businesses is to structure things so brand is subservient to business.

Many business owners and experienced operators we work with find it refreshing to learn and understand that their business is not their brand, and their brand is not their business

While they coexist almost symbiotically, and purposefully so, they’re actually two separate entities.

Ever listened to a debate between a Sales Director and a Creative Director? It’s fun ain’t it?!
Inside any business you’ll have business workers and experts, and brand workers and experts. Both are required, both are important, and both often speak a different language and go home at night dedicated to what their most passionate about. That’s where COG Strategy comes in. Our business and brand integration services act as a bridge between these two silos. We help in the communication between business and brand, Sales guy and Creative guy.

We know that when a brand that has been built, optimised and crafted to serve the business, to communicate on behalf of the business and to visually represent the business – the business will be better off, and like a dog and chasing a frisbee the brand will continue return to the business time after time after time.

We have helped businesses from an international client base connected closer and more efficiently to their brands. Some businesses need a lot of brand love, others not so much. Though whatever your business, neglect your brand and its relationship with the business and the business will not perform as well as it otherwise could.

COG Strategy solutions link in with branding and marketing initiatives, our team is resourced to ensure of clients receive the full 360 of effective marketing solutions.


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