Brand Communications and Messaging

We know you need a trusted professional partner to develop strategic marketing communications for your business.

You need affordable solutions, a dynamic approach, and connect deeply with your target audience. Plus, you’d like aftercare support.

Trust The Small Business Brand Communication Experts.

  • COG Strategy is an experienced and trusted Sydney Brand Strategy agency. We offer a free briefing, start connecting your brand with business today. (+61 2) 9523 6007


Our strategy agency delivers communication plans and strategic messaging to make a difference. COG Strategy clients use our brand messaging and brand communication services in strategic brand campaigns and corporate marketing material.

Our studio professionals are specialists in understanding how traditional and new age communication platforms are both relevant today. We research extensively how our clients consumers and audience responds to their brand communications now, and what we’d expect them to do with the work we deliver. We then build strategies to ensure we get the required outcome.

strategy Brand Communications and Messaging

COG Strategy use our extensive brand experience and fresh minds in combination with our clients concepts, ideals and briefs to provide solutions that work across print channels and digital channels. We’re all about delivering work that creates strong connections between our clients business and brand.

We know it’s critical to communicate clearly and strategically in marketing communications. The planning phases in our approach identify and encompass our client’s brand’s key communication objectives, brand audiences, brand and campaign messages. Our expertise runs through initial research and content work up through to the final go to market strategy and communication deck.

Our brand communication services include the development and implementation of content calendars, budget forecasting and budget planning. We can execute the entire campaign and comms planning if desired.

While brand communication and messaging for strategic marketing campaigns needs to target customers and new prospects, it doesn’t hurt to consider brand and business stakeholders either. They are a brands best fan and ambassador. Getting the internal team on side and engaged in the brand communication projects is something COG Strategy almost insist.

COG Strategy are expert strategists. We develop and executing dynamic brand and marketing communication campaigns, and as we’re the strategic arm for the COG Branding Group our clients often have their strategy projects flow on through to COG Design and COG Digital for activation, deployment and campaign post analysis. It ensures our through the line support fosters brilliant brand communication strategies and quality control.