Brand Naming and Definition

We know you need a trusted expert to develop your brand name and define it.

Your brand strategy partner needs to be affordable, insightful, and understand the power of brand. Plus, you’d like to ensure the brand speaks for the product and connects to its intended customers.

Trust The Small Business Brand Naming Experts.

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A brand name is where our clients stories begin. We deliver epic tales for them. A strong brand name is enduring, its critical to get it right.

COG Strategy treat this part of branding like a science. We know a brand has a story to tell and the beginning of any epic tale needs to be amazing.

The COG Strategy agency are brand naming professionals. We know naming brands is hard, harder than it ever has been. Being able to communicate the essence of a business in a single or few words is part science, part art (and part lunacy sometimes if we’re honest). Our clients brand names are seen as an opportunity to reflect the brand essence, and to make a real impact on their target audience and customers.

COG strategy Brand Naming and Definition

For our clients their brand names deliver the first impression of their business, the hood ornament to their vehicle if you like. The name will be seen on signage, marketing collateral, it’ll be seen first, remembered, recalled, judged, discussed and challenged. The words chosen to identify your products and services are critical to brand equity. Not even starting with the visual identity, words themselves require plenty of consideration.

In any business the brand name is the easiest and first thing that can be hated on. To be turned off a brand you don’t need to experience its products, services or experiences. It requires no more than hearing or reading the word to base your opinion. It’s human nature to do so.

Most businesses are open to public forum and opinion, anyone who feels qualified to judge a brand name can. And it’s for this reason why it’s important for brands to invest in the brand naming exercise to discover a brand title which is an accurate representation of who they are, what they do and what they believe in. If done right it’ll resonate with their customers and audience.

The awesome part of brand naming is that there are no rules in the discovery of the perfect brand name. While COG Strategy use strategic processes in which we follow to generate the best names for our clients, only sometimes you can be like ACDC and find your brand name from the back of your sisters vacuum cleaner.

COG Strategy treat brand naming like a science. Our processes enable us to deliver brand name concepts to our clients that are accurate, strategic and relevant. We begin with creative briefs with our clients brand to set guidelines and understand parameters. This enables us to figure out the basics like long or short brand names, we focus on the positioning of the brand name as an abstract, descriptive or suggestive proposition. We quickly figure out if the brand name should be a real word and understand if that’s even going to be possible from a legal standpoint or if there isn’t a competitor already using it.

For our clients the brand naming process includes creating a long list of name concepts, which are then narrowed down for legal approval and checking. We always recommend our clients consider the best names that are first cleared legally.

Where COG Strategy do our best work is helping our clients understand that a flawed product or service will always bring down the greatest of brand names. No matter how dynamic and amazing the brand identity and title is, if the product and service isn’t king, the brand will fail. Thus our processes include the business research to ensure what we’re naming is accurate.

The names our agency creates for our clients are insightful, dynamic, unique and logical. We focus on discovering a brand name that will play a powerful part of our clients broader brand strategy and open the door for clients and customers to enter the business.