Journey Mapping and User Experience (UX)

We know you need a proven strategy expert to nurture your users brand journey and user experiences.

Your strategy partner needs to be affordable, a dynamic thinker, and deliver performance focused advice. Plus, you’d like to have UX recommendations implemented on your website.

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At COG Strategy our digital journey mapping service focuses on converting website users into website customers.

Strategic journey mapping creates awesome user experience. The better we do this for our clients, the more efficient the business becomes online.


Our studio takes great care in the user experience (UX) we build into our clients websites. It’s what makes them unique, different to their competitors, and it’s why our clients are willing to take and act on our advice. When we define our users path by journey mapping, we can begin to create strategy around it.

A customer’s journey map reveals a story of a website users online experience: from initial entry, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. COG Strategy offer a tailored website Journey Mapping and Website User Experience service that follows a methodology and process to achieve success.

A journey map will reveal specific user behaviour, which when applied to many users will deliver information on how well a website does its job. It identifies key interactions that the website user has with the online offer and service. It delivers information about the user’s motivations for each section of the website. An online journey map has a goal to teach the business more about their online customers and what sort of user experience is best for them.

We can develop cross-platform experience for our clients too, which involves understanding how our clients customers use both physical and virtual business touch-points together.

We begin with the website architecture and quickly form prototypes in design that meet the current user behaviour and journey. We map this, assess it to know what works and what doesn’t, where things are bouncing and abandonment is occurring. This is part visualisation too as not all website users follow the same journey, nor do they have the same user experience. We know a website can’t be everything to every user, so we insert flexibility and options into the journey map where possible.

Through research and real data collected our website architecture becomes more like information architecture, and our prototyping takes shape. Add in some navigation planning and the site architecture has a menu and a strategic structure for online information. From researching what is currently in function online, and researching what the current users are doing and their online behaviours, we can implement change which offers better UX and offers a new targeted audience the journey they desire, plus supporting the existing users.

COG Strategy are expert digital strategists. We’re all about providing the best advice and programs for business and brand to succeed online. Being the strategic silo for the COG Branding Group our digital clients get best value from our services when their strategy projects are activated and deployed by our COG Design and COG Digital teams. Our group offers a unique synergy of services run by professionals.

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