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Lead Generation Strategy

We know you need a results proven strategy expert to create, manage and optimise lead generation campaigns.

Your strategy partner needs to be affordable, understand digital marketing, and deliver leads from a sharp conversion strategy. Plus, you’d like to have the same people execute the strategy – all under the one roof. COG Strategy is an experienced and trusted Sydney Strategy agency. We offer a free briefing, start connecting your brand with business today.

Lead generation done strategically costs less & makes lead conversion easier. We know. Easier said than done!

COG Strategy are experts at Lead Generation Strategy. Creating, deploying and managing online marketing campaigns that are focused on obtaining great leads (not junk leads) which increase revenue and maximise efficiency.

We develop lead generation and conversion strategies for our clients to ensure prospects become customers. Inbound marketing can be a highly effective strategy, though in isolation we often see it failing for our clients. COG Strategy develop tailored lead generation strategies that combine inbound marketing tactics with automated tactics to generate a difference to inbound.

A COG Strategy lead generation campaign introduces your company strategically to hundreds of potential prospects each week. Every touchpoint we consider for our clients opens up and opportunity to present our clients product or service while pursuing brand awareness. We have developed and activated many lead generation strategies for our clients, for many different industries and sectors.

Email Campaigns

Blasting email communication to a crafted database of prospects is cost effective and efficient. Our service enables the ability to monitor live the performance of any email campaign and also post campaign metrics. We use a number of resources to track email performance to determine the click through rate, the time on page, the interest level of the communication and if it has been shared for forwarded.

SMS Campaigns

Deploying SMS messaging campaigns to a acquired database can be a great lead generator. Our services have the ability to monitor live the open rates, opt out rates and also post SMS campaign metrics. We use a number of resources to message performance to determine if the campaign has responded to and how well it performed.


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