The Top 10 Elements To A Great Digital Strategy

Successful websites and online businesses all start with a tight digital strategy.


A startup or even a well-established business can use these 10 key elements in a great digital strategy that can boost the digital marketing effectiveness and ROI of any company.

  1. Activate an influencer marketing program. Create yourself a pool of influencers on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that talk about your brand. It’s best if it’s an organic, which is difficult though it also works with partnership programs if you spend your budget the right way.
  2. Listen to your customers. Hear what they have to say and answer their needs. Adapt your strategies to their feedback. Create an aura of positivity around your brand and make users feel like they are part of something.
  3. SEO is your most important channel. Nothing beats organic traffic in terms of profits. It is a long term effort indeed but worth every penny you will invest. Optimise your website, build a strong backlink profile and get some nice content on there.
  4. Page speed is important. Decrease your loading time to the minimum to avoid frustrating users and maximise the Google bot crawling budget.
  5. Keep your pages close to the home page. It will improve navigation both for users and the Google bot and will spread link juice evenly across your website, increasing keyword rankings for all pages.
  6. Use AdWords to its full capacity. Develop a balanced strategy using mid to long-tail keywords coupled with catchy adtexts. Google Ads is a powerful channel when used correctly and should not be neglected.
  7. Use remarketing. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it can be used both on AdWords and Facebook. It brings back customers who already know about your brand and often has high conversion rates.
  8. Enews marketing strategies can be very successful. 91% of internet users use e-mail, making it one of the most used services online. Use it.
  9. Don’t forget about cart abandonment e-mails. Bring back users who have already been on your website and started their shopping but haven’t finished. These people have a great chance of pursuing what they’ve started and becoming customers.
  10. Make the user experience of your website as easy as possible. Guide your users through the purchase by simplifying the steps to the maximum. Big CTA buttons and few steps are key to success.


The COG Strategy approach is to develop a close working relationship with our clients which assists in understanding our client’s own strategies and digital focus. When we’re aligned with our clients goals and ambitions our strategy services become that much more relevant and understood.

COG Strategy provide a premium in digital marketing strategy. We’re an expert Sydney Strategy Team that connect our clients brand to their audience. Traffic. Engagement. Results.