What brands live within your home and within your family unit?

What we really get a kick out of at COG Branding is when we get to work with businesses that are lost in the woods with their brand but don’t have the resources to find their way out.

The Dunlea Centre (formerly Boystown) approached COG Strategy with a brief that we jumped at. Name change, business model change, brand positioning and identity change… the brief didn’t leave much that wouldn’t be updated.

The Dunlea Centre brand (back then it was Boystown) lived within some of the COG Branding teams homes as kids. It was often exercised as a threat by a parent, if we played up we’d be “sent off to Boystown”. The recall and positioning of this brand in our family unit was strong back then, and today be still being recalled as adults. This solid brand legacy added extra spice to the brief for COG Strategy.

While the Dunlea Centre brand is now working hard on a new brand positioning and value set within the competitive charity space, our team have discussed what brands today live within the scared family unit.

What brands live within your home, are they brands that should be at home?

Learn more about how COG Strategy is assisting the Dunlea Centre provide better service for Sydney families with the Dunlea Centre Case Study Here >

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  1. Mmm…
    The Good
    1) Apple
    2) Penguin Classics
    3) SBS
    4) Marshall

    The Bad
    1) Trump
    2) ISIS
    3) Mount Franklin

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